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Oaza&Sons / Illustrated Art Books Edition brings out a series of intelligent and inspiring illustrated books for children and adults. The series emerged from the belief in the transformative power of children’s literature — in its simultaneous in its simultaneous act as art, as pedagogy, as ethics and as a political practice. Carefully curated editions encompass political and socially engaged topics, written and illustrated by renowned and distinct Croatian and international authors. All the books in the edition were done in close collaboration between writers, illustrators, editors and designers.

Oaza Books is an independent publishing initiative on contemporary art and design, established with the idea of producing, promoting and distributing publications that approach the work process and content critically and interdisciplinary and establish a dialogue between cultural disciplines and sociopolitical issues.



Self-initiated edition of Illustrated art books for children and grown-ups 

concept: Nina Bačun, Roberta Bratović
curation, design, creative direction and editing: Oaza (various)
books authors and illustrators: various
production and publishing: Oaza

2019 – ongoing

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