Forum for Future Museum

The Forum For Future Museums is a model of physical and virtual space for critical thinking about the concept of a future museum and what it might represent. The website imminently provides its users with the possibility to exchange and upgrade their former understanding of the subject and to form new interpretations of the role and meaning of a museum institution. This design research resulted in a model of dialogue tested by through international professional workshops and a digital platform. The research was initiated following a call issued by Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art in the framework of the European project Translocal: Museum as a Toolbox, and developed during the residency at Kunsthaus Graz.

#digital #research

client Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

concept, research and website design: Maja Kolar, Maša Poljanec
website development: Tomislav Modrić
on-line contributions: Museum as Toolbox workshop participants
typefaces: Wermut, Activist
production: Kunsthaus Graz

The project was developed during the Translocal: Museum as a Toolbox residency. We kindly thank the curatorial teams of Kunsthaus Graz, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bolzano, Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn and Muzeum Sztuki Łódź, as well as organizers and participants of international design festivals Dan D and Zgraf12 in Zagreb for their support and contributions.

2018 – 2021

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