Up There


Up There Hotel is located on the 6th floor of the functionalist Koteks skyscraper in Split, designed by Lovro Perković in 1964.



The visual identity and the interior reflect the integrative approach emerging from intensive communication with the multidisciplinary expert team and the contractor. The rooms are organized around a singe corridor, each with a specific atmosphere and story, depending on the orientation and view on individual Split districts (Get, Varoš, Matejuška, Bačvice, etc.).


The idea to use the local Split vernacular is integrated into verbal communication and elements of visual communication, such as colour coding depending on the orientation and landscape and the choice of photographic scenes documenting life in Split.



Visual identity: Tina Ivezić

Interior design: Nina Bačun, Ivana Borovnjak, Maja Kolar

Contributors: Nenad Vukušić (copywriting), Andrea Dujić (architecture), Jakov Lerotić (interior photography)

Client: Up there, Split 2017