The Trešnja Theatre


The new logo of the Trešnja (Cherry) Theatre is a simplified illustration of a cherry fruit supplemented by the printed name of the theatre in the bold version of Mote Trešnja typeface, exclusively designed for the purpose of this
visual identity.


The typography is characterised by accentuated circular forms and a rounded ‘bite’ of individual letters. In the extended version of the logo with the full name of the theatre, the dots on letters ‘i’ and ‘j’ are replaced with cherries. Except for its name, the Trešnja Theatre is also noticeable for its unusual building, so that printed promotional materials directly reinterpret the style, raster and colour of the theatre’s architecture.



Design: Roberta Bratović, Nina Bačun

Contributor: Hrvoje Živčić (typography)

Client: City Theatre Trešnja

Zagreb 2016 ∕ 17