Exhibition explores the concept of a future-oriented archive by questioning its various aspects. What, how and why does the archive contain? What meaning does it have in the perspective of the future? Can we explain the future within this archive? What is the language of the archive and how is it constructed ? How do the different elements of the archive (and within this exhibition – different projects) construct meaning/ knowledge? How do we deal with this knowledge?

One of the key ideas of this exhibition is that an archive is never neutral and is always multilayered (visually, conceptually, through the interconnections of different materials). Five artists develop this idea through their projects, creating an interactive display, a playground for visitors to experience the future by activating artistic projects: manipulating images, creating their own narratives, experiencing artistic installations.

Another concept in the heart of this project is a collaborative process-based practice that enabled us to conduct a collective project that is constantly transforming (just like the archive, as well as knowledge!) with respect to the different contexts of its presentation / activation.

Exhibition is part of PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform.

Artists: Carola Lampe, George Selley, Joachim Bøgedal, Søren Lilholt and Margherita Muriti
Curator: Yuliya Ruzhechka
Presented by: Festival Organ Vida