Projekt Ilica, Readymade Festival – Magazine


The interdisciplinary journal dedicated to education and research is designed as a media extension of the eponymous initiative whose developmental stages it documents, investigates and monitors.



The primary thematic focus is set on the critical reflection about the city through a systematic production of urban contents and space in accordance with social, historical, cultural, sociological and economic contexts from which they arise.

In addition to essays on a particular subject, the journal also brings interviews with the main stakeholders in the domain of visual and performing arts whose recent practical activities are linked to the local context of Ilica Street together with interviews with stakeholders from the global public sphere whose engagement in articulating public space conversion and the so-called ‘right to the city’ most definitely implies the starting point of the umbrella project, i.e. Ilica Street.



Design and creative direction: Nina Bačun, Maja Kolar, Ivana Borovnjak, Maša Poljanec, Roberta Bratović

Contributors: Ivana Nikolić Popović (editor-in-chief), Karolina Hrga (executive editor), Oaza, Muze, Krešimir Galović (expert associates), Martina Nekić, Ivana Jandrić (data collection and processing), Martin Beroš, Danijel Švraka (translation, proofreading), Marina Paulenka, Bojan Mrđenović, Karlo Mijić, Mario Radovanović, Domagoj Kunić, Ivana Zanze (photography), Sandra Uskoković, Sonja Leboš, Ivana Borovnjak, Ivana Fabrio, Iva Klarić, Simona Goldstein, Krešimir Galović, Enzo Scavone, Adam Nossiter (essays)

Publisher: Brendsfera
Client: HKKKKI

Zagreb, 2017