There is no fixed methodology for artistic research process has, it emerges during research and is dependent on the research subject. The making of this book is an artistic research process. Kargl started out to make a book and asked himself how to do it. Sticking to that question he realized that there are innumerable factors that influence the processes of collecting material, writing, selecting, editing, etc. That’s where the “artistic” in artistic research starts: you cannot list all the influences since you, your body, your mood, etc. are all part of it. There is no possibility to describe these processes from a fictional “outside” point of view. The only possibility is to try to find out how they work — in practice. By making a book about making a book.


20x28 cm, 140 pages, 100 copies
offset, softcover

Contributors: J. R. Carpenter, Joerg Piringer and Franz Thalmair
Edited by: Klaudio Štefančić
Design by: Nina Bačun and Roberta Bratović

Printing by: Sveučilišna tiskara Zagreb

December 2018, English