The book is a result of the workshop held in the framework of the multi-month project under the title Pro(iz)vedi mladost u kulturi initiated by the [BLOK] curator collective.



The starting point of the project was to emphasize the importance of visual art and visual culture in secondary education and involve high school students of Dr. Ahmed Smajlović Islamic Gymnasium from Zagreb who collaborated with designers Nina Bačun and Robert Bratović. Students analysed Asanaginica, a ballad from Bosnia and Herzegovina, by interpreting verses, characters and emotions in various art techniques

During the course of the project, they were introduced to typography, composition, layout design, printing materials and techniques. The book includes three chapters: the first one is a typographical experiment, the second showcases the exercise on initial illustration, while the third chapter is a visual interpretation of the story about Asanaginica.



Design: Roberta Bratović, Nina Bačun (Oaza), Nejla Baltić, Tania Hafizović, Hanan Hasanbegović, Amr Kadriju, Ubeida Mehmedović, Harun Rahmanović, Abdulrahman Salem, Hamza Salem, Agnesa Smakiqi, Sara Zulić

Client: [BLOK], Zagreb