Main Award for 'Made in Ilica' at 49th Art and Design Review, Zagreb

We are proud to announce that this years Main Zagreb Salon Award is asigned to Oaza collective and our research project in the making: Made in Ilica. The triennial show for applied arts and design this year bear the theme of „Shifting Borders – communication and the new mobility“, under direction of Višnja Slavica Gabout.

The project itself was presented in the accompanying show in ULUPUH Gallery in Zagreb, wih its own title „Laboratory of the new realities – distorsions“.

We kindly thank all of the first participants of the project:

Shomaker Jos, Ilica 69 / Patisserie Ilica, Ilica 92 / Duvet repairstore Biošić, Ilica 96 / Hairdresser Ivica, Ilica 146 / Printing company and workshop Etiket-tisak, Ilica 65 / Printing company and workshop Orbis, Ilica 65 / Shomaker Andrijević, Ilica 67 / Goldsmith Bashota, Ilica 69 / Greta gallery, Ilica 92 / Shomaker Meky, Ilica 112

Explanation of the executive jury:

„Made in Ilica“ is a research project which presents an innovatory, engaging and experimental way of designers acting within the local community, and providing an active intervention at the same time. While interconnecting the artisans whose shops and workstations are closing down with a group of designers, a possibility to create a platform for creating a local (as well as global) brand occurs.
Such brand would formulate itself on the basis of responsible communication towards the past and preservation of the common values, aimed to creatively effect both the present and the future. Effect which aims and reffers to expand and interconnect (symbiotically) various mediums and creative disciplines, as well as art and the society. It tackles with all of the human activities and agencies and their problematics, and offers to rebuild a creative communication which in this case establishes an exchange of knowledge and skills from different areas of traditional craft and contemporary design.

Please find more about the show and individual projects we contributed with, here:!oaza/cs0k